"Free" lyrics - ANDY BELL

(Ashton / Bayliss / Frost)

You loved the head boy
That used to be me
But that's a long time back when
Friendships were intense then
Seems like the highest high
Was a port glass raised in national pride

While those around learnt to grovel and arselick all
Learnt to lose all their ideals and sense of fun
Learnt to be old while we were still young

Free, from a world full of bullies and smokers
A world of wimps and jokers
I'm told the best days of my life were there
We didn't fit so I don't care

We tore those flags down
And ran with such speed
It tore us apart
We hid the cane you and me
Coughed in chapel you see
And were anti-war
Not a gentlemanly thing to be

Cos all those bonds formed on the rugby field and at the A.T.C.
Become those backslapping backhand deals that take
The England that I love so far away from me

Free from the dreamworld that they never left
And a pecking order they can't forget
Their excuse, the defence of liberty
But their 'fags' are you and me