"World Without End" lyrics - ANDY BELL

"World Without End"
(Ashton / Frost)

Think you're a good kisser?
You're a trainee pervert!
Think I'm frigidity personified?
When your sex life it diverts
Attention from all of your problems
Of which I could write a list
It's only love when you'll find
A cure in a kiss

Like a fuckpig in the classified
Personal columns
Rooting through lists of men wanting women wanting men
Sex without end

But I'm your Earth Mother
And I'm your Father Sky
I know you screw all you can screw
Just to feel half alive
But all those lies and alibis
Your poor passive bitch kept on the side
She'll soon be mentally classified
'Cos you're a man who fucks men and fucks women and still then
Wants sex without end

You coquette and whore
You kinky pub bore
You flawed femme-fatale
Verging on mental
Gone to ground, gone to earth, gone to seed
But still you plead
"Fuck me!"
Sex without end

You're a man seeking men seeking women seeking men
Lovers and chancers, fuck-buddies and friends
Sex without end
In a world without end
In a world without end