"The Boy From The Sauna" lyrics - ANDY BELL

"The Boy From The Sauna"
(Ashton / Frost)

I am the boy from the sauna who you picked up
We were never meant to fall in love
The last angel has Just flown
I'm taking the last bus home
And you will never see my like again
In time well be happier that we'd known
Each other in this passing moment of pleasure

Than in the twisted torments of a life we could've spent together
I've done 'relationships'
And we're worth so much more than this
Than me learning so soon every look in your eyes
And me learning your habits that I'd so soon despise
'Cos for that moment we shared we have felt so alive
And our hearts, soul and spirits briefly larger than our lives
So for you to forever mean this much to me
With this kiss, I will bid you goodbye