"Mr. Average" lyrics - ANDY BELL

"Mr. Average"
(Ashton / Frost)

Did you ever believe
You'd be talking to me
Thirty years later?

That a lifetime half gone
Spent loving the wrong one
Would leave you frustrated?

Saturnine yet lunatic
Gotta be more to a life than this
Ready with the carrot
But always tasting stick
Finding friends of old
Tell you remember this

You were never Mr. Average
So what the hell my friend got into you?
What you looking at in the car park?
The tail end of another fight you started!
Don't turn away, come back, say it's not true
That you feel guilty 'cos I said, "I love you"

I remember when the Pet Shop Boys were new
It was the first summer that I met you
Cheap beer we said was watered down
Cigarettes so rough we coughed and frowned
On the late bus going into town
I turn around and find that it's still you

Disco-dancing now is much the same
'Jack-Your-Body' found a nu-electro groove
Sweet nothings whispered in the corner
You smuggled vodka in they never caught ya
Teenage roller-disco party nights we two
I turn around and want it to still be you

'Cos when you felt you were living some big lie
I eased your tears, you smiled and then said goodbye
I wanted a '90s Casanova
Not my best friend to say the love affair's over
From ashes and ashes and dust to dust we two
I turn around and I want it to still be you

And here you are
And here you are
And here you are!