"The Missed Connection Section Of The Lindeville Gazette" lyrics - ASHLEY MCBRYDE

"The Missed Connection Section Of The Lindeville Gazette"
feat. Brandy Clark & Aaron Raitiere

[Intro: Ashley McBryde]
For all you lovebirds out there, this is What the Fuzz Radio
And now the brand-new hit, straight off the press, guys
Here is "The Missed Connection Section of the Lindeville Gazette"

[Verse 1: Aaron Raitiere]
You were wearin' a sparkly top
At the Food City, Tuesday night
I saw you grab a case of beer
How'd you know I only drink Bud Light?
Well, I got avocados
And I know you got some limes
What you say maybe me and you
Make a little guac sometime?

[Chorus: Aaron Raitiere]
Man seekin' woman
Twenty-five to forty-four
Cool if separated
Even better if divorced
I didn't catch your number
So I'll give you mine
Man seekin' woman
Who won't tell his wife

[Verse 2: Brandy Clark]
I felt your eyes burnin' through me
All the way down aisle three
Felt your strong arm brush against me
When you reached for them beans
You must be makin' nachos
I know I'm not yours, but
I got some jalapenos
Boy, if you wanna spice it up

[Chorus: Brandy Clark]
Woman seekin' a man
For just an hour or two
Don't have to be the Hilton
That SuperCab will do
If you're free on Thursday
Well, I ain't doin' nothin'
Woman seekin' a man
That won't tell her husband

[Interlude: Aaron Raitiere]
(Never done it like that before)

[Chorus: Aaron Raitiere, Brandy Clark, Both]
Man seekin' woman
Woman seekin' a man
Just a low-down distraction
From a pawn shop weddin' band
When you ain't gettin' any
You get it where you can
A man seekin' woman
Woman seekin' a man
Man seekin' woman
Woman seekin' a man