"Babylon Vampyres" lyrics - AVANTASIA

"Babylon Vampyres"

A lot of good advice
Nobody's keeping for themselves
If you're playing by the rules
You'll be a trophy on a shelf
Give in to the ordinary run of things
Like it is meant to be
There's nothing left of me

Praying for salvation, floating with the tide
The very first temptation
Drags you to the other side
You learn to walk and run
You fly until you fall as far as I can see

The future ahead was not what it used to be
Blessed was the darkness - veiling hypocrisy

Babylon is burning, shining from afar
Babylon is burning
From sunset to sunrise
Babylon is burning
And you're glowing like a fiery star
And no one can tell if we've been for real

Babylon is burning
Babylon is burning

They say it's coming by the night
To engraft into the brain
What a scientific tongue won't recall
Or even phrase
It's crawling up your spine
To breed a wicked freak of nature
We will be a new society

Headless congregation, a vortex needing more
The road to good intentions is evil to the core
The devil and the deep blue sea are waiting
Side by side for me

The sweet scent of poison
Hazing the dread away
This side of the moon I'll confess to... another day


Ever since I can remember
I've been shooting up that road with a dream
I saw gold at the end of the rainbow
I was given an idea of what life should be
What life should be

Ain't there a light above the shadow
Ain't there blood in the machine
Ain't there flesh they'd been misleading
Ain't there a longing soul within?

I've seen believers on the wayside
And I'm afraid to say, I think just like you
That failed to pretend
They could cope with what they'd find
When they didn't have a clue - just like you

[Chorus 2x]