"Isle Of Evermore" lyrics - AVANTASIA

"Isle Of Evermore"
(Tobias Sammet)

[Verse 1: Amanda Somerville]
From a frozen world will you take me over
All alone, sweet embrace
Leave the place I can't abide no more

Take a look at ourselves
Afraid to get closer
Will the predetermination drive us to a distant shore

[Pre-Chorus: Somerville]
The tender velvet gown of destination left behind

[Chorus: Somerville / Tobias Sammet]
I'm wide awake
I'm on my way to evermore
And I turn around to fading shores
I'll sail on through this opening door
Wide awake onto the isle of evermore
I'm dead to the world
You blindfold my eyes
While you're killing what I'm yearning for

[Verse 2a: Somerville]
You just see what your eyes
Have been told to tell you
Falling down to the ground
How come you ask if what you feel is true

[Verse 2b: Sammet]
I'm staring at the maze and let it paralyze me
Watch it come alive
And burn me out until I'm coming through

[Pre-Chorus: Sammet]
The tender velvet gown of slumber
Will leave me just breathing

[Chorus: both 2x]