"Ghostlights" lyrics - AVANTASIA

(Tobias Sammet)

You're tossing and turning
You think you're awake while you're trying to run
Like in a nightmare
Time loves your ego to death

You're leaving the wheelwork
To the ground of being you go on
Defying temptation in the engine room
That is our self

I feel a storm is looming with a shaking grumble
I don't know if I'm right or wrong
I don't know if I shall go on
I don't know what I'll believe but I'm on my way

Minds fly free when the gates fly open
Walk on through
Thunder and rain and the wind in my face
Ghost lights dance
Will you heed the token
Glazing light
Blinding my eyes
Get me out of this maze

The world as we know it is beginning to shake
I don't trust my eyes are we all superstitious
If we think what our hearts know is true

Fireworks surround me
Wherever I go they tell me: always home
Psychosomatic -
They'll name it the nature of God

Off to a new horizon
Time is the key to unite with the all
Time is gonna make you see
Right from wrong eternally
Don't let the noises devour you


And what if you're only a prism
For the ghost lights that you wanna see
And we're just reflections of your dreams

It's speaking to me
It's yelling at me
It's screaming to me, resonating with me
And a thousand lights
Are trying to make me see

They call me home, they call me home
They call me home, they call me home