"The Haunting" lyrics - AVANTASIA

"The Haunting"
(Tobias Sammet)

I can't count the days I've roamed
A straying ghost light to wither on the vine
A paling tale of days long gone
I won't be until you close your eyes

Sleep tight, someone's always by your side

A thousand nights
We've been calling your name
Close your eyes but I won't go away
We're there for you
The cold embrace
That you don't wanna feel
Must not be... but you know it is real
We're there for you

Don't you waste your time and try
To understand this figment of the lie
Don't breathe the word to anyone
By the time you'll phrase me I'll be gone

Sweet dreams, see you in the twilight zone


God I must contain my wayward fantasy
And where do all those
Wicked dreams come from
Pictures in the dark
They seem so eerily real tonight
I pray my mind is wrong
I'm the spark they refuse to conceive