"Bizarre (Skit) (2004)" lyrics - D12

"Bizarre (Skit) (2004)"

[Nasty Minds D12 Background]
Shit dog

[Swifty Mcvay]
I jus told him
The motherfucker that he goin' to far wit this shit
He's doin' that crazy ass shit he talkin' nigga..

Uh, what..?

[Swifty Mcvay]
Nigga don't act like you don't know this group member
Mother fucka'
You know he talkin' that crazy ass shit
He goin' to far Man

[D12 Mumbling]

[Swifty Mcvay]
Man, It's sweet. It ain't bad..

[D12 Mumbling]

Aiy, Aiy, Aiy, Aiy, BIZZY!
Bring yo' fat ass over here..
Nigga, come here!
Liquid Xanax and shit

[D12 Laughing]

[Swifty Mcvay]
Kick that shit in here..

Wanna kick some shit man?

Turn the radio down dog, turn the radio down a little bit

My girlfriend's in the olympics, she'll be running track meets
I'm lying, she's a paraplegic, she eats wit her feet'

[D12 Laughing]

The fuck you laughing at?
She'll be here next week
In a black jeep, with 2 other handicap freaks

[D12 Laughing]

Yeah Nigga! Haha

That shits dope man
Thats some crazy ass shit

That was some crazy shit dogg!

[D12 Mumbling]

That was crazy
That was crazy as hell to hear

[D12 Laughing and Mumbling]