"D-12 World" lyrics - D12

"D-12 World"
(R. Arthur Johnson / Denaun Porter)

[Intro: Bizarre]
D-Twizzie back in this bitch!
"Eminem's buddies"
Buddy this, nigga

Welcome to D12 world!
Where you can get anything from sex, X, to girls
Welcome to D12 World!
Prostitutes and guns, so fuck the real world

Fuck the silly shit, I pull a mac milli quick
When D12 rock his summer it's over with
All these bitches and all these hoes
What the fuck you looking at me for? (You, nigga!)
Oh yeah, you like my chain
Want to get your skinny ass up in the Range
I like my bitches raspy and nasty
I like a fat and nasty bitch named Ashley

I slide you dope without no procrastination
And you can watch me fuck up your imagination
I'm always getting drunk, and I fiend to smack hoes
I mean it, I leave them screaming like pterodactyls
This is our world

We'd love to smack you
Hot lead flying with debris and schrapnel
Ripping you to shreds, fucking up your tattoo
Break into your crib, take your records and plaques too

[Kon Artis]
D12 is, that's who! Got you limping
Still popping something purple with a bottle of gin, bitch!
I fuck up your kinship, I lie in this shit
Peep, I stole your mom's jeep and crashed into my street

Crazy deranged, of course we Shady's gang
Of course we wear clothes with holes and blood stains
No doubt, we shoot badges, born with ski masks
Chew on shroom, rainbows, and pee acid

Welcome to D12 World!
Where you can get anything from sex, X, to girls
Welcome to D12 World!
Prostitutes and guns, so fuck the real world
Welcome to D12 World!
(Kon Artis Singing)
Welcome to D12 World!

Niggas be talking shit, but they laying slump now
I graduated from techs, I grip a pump now
I used to be nice, but nice don't cut it
Now I open they wig, if they don't uppen my budget, bitch!

Them D12 niggas, they be quick to blast
I'll take my shower cap off, and whup your ass
Stepping to us, you can't be the smartest
'Cause you'll get dropped like an Aftermath artist

They catch me mingling by a bitch with class
When she turn I'll be sprinkling some shit in her glass
What part of this you can't understand?
I'll emmilliate a man, worse then making a band
(Kuniva: Don't be mistaking that man)
(Kon Artis: He'll invite you over)
Real fast, and pass your ass a glass of Ebola

[Kon Artis]
I've been doing this for a minute
And I'm starting to see my little brother Caleb
Look more like a star then me
That's why I just started working out
Man, this shit ain't working out