"Fuck In The Truck" lyrics - D12

"Fuck In The Truck"

[Intro: DJ Young Mase]
More dozen shit!
Volume number 2
Produced by Mr. Porter

[Hook: Kon Artis]
Yellow, you know I know that's wassup
That's the reason for all the gnac in your cup
So go ahead girl, sip it up, sip it up!
In a rush because I'll fuck in the truck
I know you used to having your way
Niggas falling over you daily
Sometimes you wanna just do your thang
Let a nigga fuck out your brains

[Verse 1: Kuniva]
I know you hear it all the time
But you ain't heard it from me
A lot of guys would pay for it
But I get it for free
And I ain't tryna talk you to death
So I'll be brief: if you smoke
Here's a little something for you to chief
See, this movie's getting boring
The Henny got you warm. Plus you looking
Like a stund double for Melissa Boyd
I see you smiling, sexy little glancing
Licking on your lips and you welcome my advances
Pretty Young Thing didn't know she liked it rough
Til she ripped my clothes off and pulled out her
Handcuffs - sho nuff. All over me, so it's only right
That I give it to her like a mad man with a knife
And she's loving it! Scratching me up, push me off
Turned around and started backing me up, that's what
The fuck I be talking about, girl
A freak in disguise, banged her perm out
And left her ass sleeping high


[Verse 2: Swifty McVay]
I see you wyling, hands/legs over me while I'm driving
One of them out the window, 5 miles per hour
Sipping amaretto like a champ, and I"m proud of you!
Still flexible, double-jointed, I can't argue
Everybody staring as you drive through
I continue to pull over to the first curb I find, boo
I take it you wanna be in control
Take it slow, but no dominations on me
Said you wouldn't call me, figured I would talk shit
I love the way we did it in the middle of an argument
I don't play the game, I'm doing what you wanted
Before I told you my name
It's just me, no disrespect. You wearing Donna Karen
And I got on a V-neck
You let it get this way, it'll remain
You got me, I grabbed you, fuck, I love your brains..