"I Go Off (Freestyle)" lyrics - D12

"I Go Off (Freestyle)"
[Originally by /**NOTE: INCOMPLETE**//]

Yeah, Yeah!
(Bust these niggas man!) Yeah
I see y'all bitch ass niggas man (Put hand on these niggas)
Guess what man? We Baaack (For Real)
Off some freestyle shit man, D12 man
Man you should see the clip on this bitch man
Man touch one of these niggas souls man
It's for real

[Verse 1: Kuniva]
Niggas are brave until they cross that gun line
Bust 9s, come through like Jordan in clutch time
Play the streets if we have to that we bust rhymes
Ain't enough stabbin' nigga up in the lunch line
Show stopper, fo-fo popper, so proper
D-12 criminal operations, no doctor
Sitting high up in the ranks like a booster chair
Wake you up in the morning, ain't no roosters here
Just a nigga with a gun and mask you should fear!
Wake up bitch!
I'll hit in the head with a hammer
Fucking mom's is got her doggy style, adjusting the camera
Going loco, we tucking the Mac and grabbin' the ratchet
Knife or a gun, either way will start tragic!
Go and tell my black pack they don't know what rap is
Bullets hit this quick...
And you throw my mood swings like women on their menstrum
Tommy gun smoking like an old exhaust pipe
Heart below zero touch me and you're cross bite
Let a couple shots break you up and your stop light
Don't hang up enough to make it to top...
You and me is like comparing...
Talk tough, but wouldn't spill a drink in a bar fight
Dirty Dozen back on that bullshit for real
Death to anybody before the clips could seal
(Bang, Bang)

[Verse 2: Swifty McVay]
The Grim Reaper
Walk streets and apply heater
The street sweeper to pop nigga out of their sneakers
I strangle anybody ya main boss a diva
I sprinkle and bleaching your cannabis sativa
These buck shots can turn your face into a pizza
Leaving them slump like the Leaning Tower of Pisa
I treat my heat like a Visa I never leave without it
I bust heavy metal with steady body countin'
A scoundrel, dirty rotten, my beat is unforgettable
The niggas I fought young are still in the hospital
I'm conquering the missions that you find impossible
Like breaking in the woman's locker room with my iPhone
The walls of my nostrils are damaged for crushin' Oxycontins
Sniff it, walk up the cops an ask them to lock me up
I belligerent so fuck cases!
I'm not the type to conversate with the corpse in my basement
I'm wasted daily, I BATHE in my drink
I be ARGUING with my shrink everyday of the week
Nigga's hiding until they face look like taco meat
And nothing change with the shell in my chamber in a [?]
It's Genghis Khan slash satan, nuts dangling
So heavy that I drag bitches on the pavement
They don't say shit!
I'll saran wrap your family
I'm lyrically anthrax, I'm passin out Tampax
The bitch niggas gotta vendetta...
I'm a gorilla,...
You ain't a gangster, you're a lab rat
After I stab them

[Verse 3: Bizarre]
Mass murder without the mass
A poker night without the cash
A stripper without a ass
A slut without a dad
You're crazy!
Live from Saint Louis, Missouri
Two murder cases left a hung jury
They ban Bizarre from MTV
Jumping on the stage like Lil Mama did to Jay-Z
When I'm gonna get up on stage I'm gonna do a whole song
Yellow thong with a sign saying 'Can we get along?'
When I went to L.A. a hundred niggas tried to jump me
Rocking shoes that put me over the table and tried to fuck me, (aha!)
Kuniva snuffed me, D-12 dumped me
Fuckin' fag go get your ass a piece some company (Fag!)
Fly down sunset, driving real fast
Watchin' Kim Kardashian gettin' in a sick car crash (Watch out!)
That's too fucking bad, someone call her dad
And tell him Reggie Bush is a fag
Raping little girls, taking all they lunches
Hit them in the face with fuckin' Pacquiao punches
A hundred crunches, a hundred lunges
Round off kick, hit them with a fuckin'...
Bomb shit, bomb quick
I got the bomb so bitch, I'm the bomb, bitch!
Bomb whips, bomb on Rick (I'm gonna bomb on you)
Bitch you ain't gonna bomb on shit!
Bomb dick, bomb click
Ever since I've been a bomb
Bitch you ain't been the bomb since
Nonsense, stop this shit
Hey, yo yo stop this shit