"Kill Zone (Freestyle)" lyrics - D12

"Kill Zone (Freestyle)"

[Intro: DJ Young Mase]
Yeah, D12 is back in the building
'Bout to hit y'all with some freestyle shit
Merry Christmas motherfuckers, 2011
Get 'em, get 'em, yeah

[Verse 1: Kuniva]
Hey yo, I'm gone off that henny low cleaved and he smoked
Till he's soaked and covered in blood and without a penny broke
I never was a mathematician, the class division bored me
I was snoring, dreamt of being a graphic villain
And caps we peeling, re-mash admission
Leave your face looking like a fatal crash collision
Blast the 5th and, dip out or throw you in the trunk
And like an old white lady's butt your ass is missing (nigga!)
You can compare me to Rick Ross in some ways (Boss!)
'Cause whenever you see the Boss you're going to see Gun Play
Put the torch in your face and Daffy Duck your grill up
This ain't Call of Duty, grab the uzi, get your kills up
Niggas be rolling, plus they claim they're sitting on grams
But they never tell you their fucking Grams are Golden
I'm so serial, I'll let the cannon Bussa Bus
In any Scenario, bitch, what the dealio?
I could take the hardest sack and turn it to a kiddy show
If I find you fucked like hide and go giddy yo
I am so vivid, let the bullets play hide and go get it
When I am pissed off, I am so livid
And niggas can't fuck with us, new niggas or old ones
Fill your homies with hot hollows and grab a cold one
Who next flexing? I lift my two hands up
A tech in each one, and you can forward this text message

[Verse 2: Bizarre]
Yall know Bizarre's going to say some crazy shit (Yall know!)
Shade45 gon' play this shit, I'm amazing, BITCH!
I'm the best rapper ever
Get on stage in spandex and a tight ass leather (Damn!)
Lace weed, cocaine joints
Stop looking for Bin Laden, Bin Laden stay in Detroit
Brain froze, can't feel my toes
All I need is an eight ball, and a picture of Amber Rose (Kanye!)
20 thousand, Delonte West can fuck my mother
50 thousand, he can sodomize my brother (Sorry bro)
Elton John said he's a celibic fag (what's a celibic fag?)
A fag that don't like dick in his ass (wow)
Gay or straight, fuck it, we all going to heaven
So put on some skinny jeans, and tongue kiss John Legend
I'm bout to go to Canada, I can't wait
Tell bitches I know Drake and get my asshole ate
Eating pussy, naw, that ain't cool
But what's cool is eating ass hair with food
I'm a rude dude, Ruder then Jude
Baby face, NWA attitude (Fuck the police!)
And I smell food, time to eat
Pinky porno on, time to beat (I'M BOUT TO BUST!)
Wife went to work, time too cheat
In jail for rape, somebody call reap, I'm a freak!

[Verse 3: Swift]
No surviving this poisonous hybrid
You bitches skating on thin ice and falling inside of it
I am a human piranha, with a murderous persona
I'll drown a nigga inside his own saliva and blood
The mental asylum kicked me out of it, it wasn't enough
I need a higher, more maniacal place to call a club
I'm a cutthroat, a nasty old animal
That'll crack a nigga fast as pistachios and mozzel tov
I stomp a nigga for being soft
See I'm just a dog that opened his mouth and broke the fucking muzzle off
I'm coming for your boss, at any cost
Here, watch this moss eat through his clothes like a mothball
I'm not y'all, stab a nigga with rusty daggers
Give him lock jaw, where they can't open their trap
Imagine what hack saws could do to these rap frauds, you ain't thugging
They should be knocking on wood like Jim Duggan
I'm hugging this Glock, I'mma squeeze like an anaconda
That's standing on your block I'll blast any bandana that I see
I'll beat you with your own I.V. in a 'spital
I'll put a pillow over that widdle to squeeze
I've been a heathen, see I was my momma's mistake
A born tyrant, I'm bombing where ever you bastards hibernate
They contemplate on killing me, I'm in the D' living it
I'm at the shooting range, and busting before I'm in that bitch