"On Fire (Freestyle)" lyrics - D12

"On Fire (Freestyle)"

This is another
D12 Exclusive

[Verse 1: Swifty]
If you say that you hungry, then I ain't concerned
Unless you came in this game with a tapeworm
The phantom of hip-hop, 'cause this is the doctrine of a madman
And I'm assassinating doctors
No shot treatment is needed
I'm up in the hospital weeded
With bloody orthopedics
I'm giving it to innocent people that don't need it
And I'm exporting you niggas without a heater
Keep them breathin'
But there's none worthy
If I ain't out murkin' motherfuckers, I'm cold turkey
Or worst thing since Percy
When I was younger, my momma placed me in the dirty nursery
That's why they labeled me a Curtis beast
I'm blood-thirsty
I pop up, unexpectedly like a herpe
I murder you for dirt, cheap
Open up that door like Lurch
And I'm murk the first nigga that I see
When I guillotine
I slit a niggas brain
And slit it till you get rap
And signature, my name
The pinnacle of insane
My genitals remain
Bigger then a Afro-Puffs, on cranium arrange
Shit, it's normal till I end with a gauge
Cut your life short, like an editor with blades
I'm a predator, infrared up in the trees
When I conversate I'll be shootin' more in a breeze
I breath bitches to their knees
Givin' them stitches with a rusted needle and barb wires
Sealin' their lips I'm justa'
Opposite of narcoleptic
I breathe darkness, sleepwalker tearing the tees off these hawkers
I throw you hoes in the ocean
And seen it to souls that the air force is exploding with seahorses
Like me, my sorcerist is talking bitchy
This ain't Pulp Fiction
My addiction is torture methods

[Verse 2: Bizarre]
I rap, like I got a chip on my shoulder
This ain't no chip, this is a 15 pound boulder
Practicing yoga, meditatin' on death
Bottle of Vicodin 'till ain't nothing left
I got an Idea lets play butt-naked hokey-pokey
Cut off the lights, listen to Esham and hold me (Yeah)
Damn my neighbor is nosey, close the blinds
This kid ain't ten, he's barely nine
Nice behind. Damn, I'm talkin' about a kid
I'm talkin' about rapes, I'm talkin' about a bed
Mia, my wife's Spanish she's been fuckin' from the back
I'm in the other room tongue-kissing the cat
"Damn, this is one sick motherfucker (Aha)
He talks about rape and he'll tongue-kiss your brother" (Damn)
Rape your grandma in the ass and I put a plug
Hide out for 30 days and wait for her period to come (Yeah)
30th day I beat her ass for nothing
Bitch is 65 years old, that period ain't comin'
I'm a Lutheran, a catholic
A Jehovah witness, a baptist
A Muslim, I'm a faggot
Go-Go Gadget!

[Verse 3: Kuniva]
Kickin' down your door with a 44.-matic
And the size will make you shake like a know dope addict
Turn a robbery into something more tragic
"Don't shoot, here's my watch it's all Rolls gold have it"
Bitch! I coined the phrase "I'm goin' in"
Your mom insists in play the game
The first tongue on my dong wins
They says the Dozen was slippin'
Yo how'd you figure that
Slap the drool out of your mouth, tell you to spit a rap
Breakin every bone in your hand
Homie Twitter that
I am like a Chinese chef the way I'm killin cats
See a fool screamin at his caddy and then I prop it up
Get the kinda stuff that make your toilet keep stoppin' up
We cannot stop the cuts
After I tie you in a chair
And grab the Ginsu knives, now we can chop it up
I'll take it easy if your chick's pregnant
I'll wait until your kid's stretchin
Then sock him in his midsection (ah!)
Don't ever try to slug me
I'll leave the back of your head bloody
So when you wipe it looks like you're doin' the Dougie
So don't trust me
I'm grimy and unlucky
Voice-mails from your bitch like
"Kuniva, come fuck me!"
Know every nook and cranny of the city
Bullet for every fool that Mr. T pitied
I smell pussy and I don't see titties
Cash buried underground
Dirty Money, P. Diddy
Shifty off the remmy or the Henny
Hit your Bentley I'm simply demandin
And I'm never fuckin bitches gently
Gang around
All up in the crib pistol hangin out (sup bitch)
Likes the way I rhyme and I love the way she slang her mouth
Throw your whole grill out
And I'm goin' apeshit
Take 6
From this banana clip before I peel out
Fuck y'all
I don't give you that 'cause I don't trust y'all
Tell your momma she need a baby nigga to get suck the duck ball
Only one D12
Only one group
So how can so much filth fit inside one booth?
There's only one Shady so there's only one truth
Until you sell over 8 mill we are that group (ouch)

[Interlude: Bizarre]
Hey yo Maestro
What the fuck happened?
I mean for real
What the fuck happened?
Turn this shit off!

[Interlude: Fuzz]

[Verse 4: Fuzz Scoota]
Married to game a benevolent groom
Bachelor party, arranged shoot up the reverend in June
Reference the goons, you have to give the elephants room
Run shit from the elegant room to the president's tomb
D12, one plus eleven is noon
Make a community feel like heaven's sent to them
And if I have to get my intelligence room
Be at your residence soon
Guns on me lookin like an evidence room
And that fits range, that python, that shit snapped bones
You'd rather be shot with it than bitch-smacked holmes
After dark DJ's will put your kid-raps on, but
For that young money my nigga you'll get kidnapped holmes
After triple-countin the bread you can get back home
Collect the ransom
Told my driver
"Take this bitch back home,"
Conversation's recorded
Gotta get that phone
It's got valuable information on the bricks' that's flown
The confidential on hoes and the dicks' that's blown
D12, the reason ya girl done bring a thick ass home
And I need help on the bitches, gotta get back home
So they won't be asking
"When will you get back home?"
I call yo bitch like
"Bitch, come and pick this bitch up,"
Got her on speed dial
She used to come and get this dick up
She call like
"You have a few minutes to come and get this quick nut?"
I have a few second ma
I can get come and get this dick sucked

[Outro: DJ Young Maise]
Fuzz Scoota!
Newest member of D12
What Up!
We Back Mutherfuckers!
Return of the Dozen Volume 2
We on Fire!
And we (don't stop)