"I Am Gone" lyrics - D12

"I Am Gone"
feat. King Gordy

[Intro: Bizarre]
Dear Brenda
This letter goes out to you and my kids
Pray for me
Cause' I'll see y'all again one day
Let you know
Daddy loves you

[Hook: King Gordy]
I just lost my job my wife is gone I can't go home no more
Oh this life's too hard where are you god, your child is coming home
Lord I've tried to stay but there's no way I can fight carry on
If I die today please find a way to keep my family strong
I am gone

[Verse 1: Swifty McVay]
I'm a soldier that's been haunted by Satan
I'm gonna hold a Caliber straight to my cranium
Created as the angriest baby since Damien
I'm grown and my family hate me, psychopathic majorly
Drama persona, spirit Bio-hazard
I create Bastards caskets for granddads
A cactus that sprout like seedless hospital
The child of a wild family, dark cloud on top of the roof
There's nothing to lose, cabinet full of booze,
And 2's that get rid of who don't understand my views
The news destroy me, not trusted
A null employee, busted from holding a gun to the customer
They must got an APB and I been beating my wife twice as much since she seen me on TV
An outcast, that's haunted because my past done had it
So when you gonna cap my Ass Motherfucker


[Verse 2: Bizarre]
Heroin Addict, crack heads gone wild
2 years using, 2 years in denial
All that ballow straight from the drug centre, timberlands, yellow thong in the middle of winter
Like where the Fuck am I going?
Who knows its snowing
2 days from now my girl will be out here hoeing
For my little girls birthday I promised her a bike
But I also promised myself a pipe
Can't see me, ain't washed my ass in a week
I smell like feet, face full of Taco meat
I ain't Fucking my wife, since our wedding night
Viagras, can't even give me a hard pipe
Fuck it, give me a Fucking long knife
In 2 minutes, I'll take my own fucking life
Leave my fishing rods to my son and my car to my girl and Fuck it
I'm a say goodbye to the world


[Verse 3: Kuniva]
Yo, I'm life Ffuck the jokes I need revenue
So when I Hail, (get the Fuck down)
That's what you better do
I didn't want to resort to bringing out the guns
Or breaking in your savings wiping out all of your funds
But I'm a dollar away from being homeless
So late night I'm drunk and roaming mouth foaming (grrr)
I ain't seen my kids in years
My wife left somewhere between the coke, grief and beer
Now that I'm stuck staying in motels with rats and roaches
You eating a steak and I'm stealing cakes from hostess (I'm out)
Man I'll be damned if I be out on these streets
Watching mo'Fuckers riding round laughing at me
I'm a strong arm a school teacher
Stick up a few preachers, (uhh)
Jack you for two pizzas, (give me that)
Give me some new sneakers
I stuck the wrong kid he pulled out a few heaters
I hear a voice calling me I hope its you Jesus