"Mrs. Pitts" lyrics - D12

"Mrs. Pitts"
feat. King Gordy

[DJ Young Mase]
Rip Big P Forever
Rip JD
The Dozens

[Hook: King Gordy]
I thought we'd see forever you and I (Oh I thought we'd see forever)
You was my home boy I was your guy (You were my best friend)
Now when I rhyme I look at the sky
Mrs. Pitts I'm sorry (Ooh I'm so sorry, ooh I'm so sorry)
See he was an inspiration to me (You were my only inspiration)
You were supposed to make it with me (You were supposed to be there)
Lord I don't know what to say but plead
Mrs. Pitts I'm sorry

[Verse 1: Bizarre]
Karnail Pitts will never never die
As long as I'm breathing and my groups still alive
And I can't lie I miss my nigga
Every time I see Belle Isle and Detroit River
Mrs. Pitts you done lost two sons
Proof dying that's like the 3rd one
And I wanna thank you for showing up to my court cases
Standing in front of the judge three years I'm facing
Told me to be proud and dry my tears
Be a grown man and show no fear
We all love driving, reminiscing about how me you and Proof used to go fishing
I wanna give you a call but I don't know what to say
That's why I get on my knees every night and I start to pray
Drive down 6 Mile I circle your block
Park in front of your house but I'm scared to knock
I miss you (Carolynn)


[Verse 2: Swift]
Now every Saturday after shop
You gave me props I gave you props too
Respected each other and as time grew
He always took the time to ride thru
And ask me if I had a verse ready to rock at St. Andrews
And as for you I'm sorry we never took the time to see you
When we got signed we came up to your job
Now that was a long time ago
I thought I'd let you know that you was on my mind
Through this rhyme I apologize

[Verse 3: Kuniva]
As time goes on and the pain starts to easy up
Just know your son's memory will never leave us
And you can call on us if you ever need us
'Cause life's road is full of hard knocks and speed bumps
You so strong and I wish you the best
I wish you more stress so you can pass life's test
If you feel like you drowning we'll be your life vest
I had to get it off of my chest
Mrs. Pitts I'm sorry


Oh I'm so sorry Oh I'm so sorry

[Talking: Bizarre]
We miss you
Carolynn Pitts you lost three sons
But you got four more still alive and breathin
And there for you
What up Moe
Rip Suge
Mrs. Pitts we love you
D12 4 life