"U Never Know" lyrics - D12

"U Never Know"

...with a candy in his hand, this red colored piece of poison

[Hook: Swifty]
U never know when it's your time to go
Wounder which way it's gon' come?
Better look over your shoulder moe'
We all got guns, but it ain't in your heart to run
Been that way ever since we was young
And now you came all this way for nothin'
So, you never know

[Verse 1: Swifty]
My House stay surrounded
But seriously doubt if the cops were trynna snatch me out of it
Not a coward
Got a lot of shit going on
Politicin strong while you plottin'
Trynna see if I forgot where I come from (Niggas)
Just standing looking dumb, but listen gentlemen your friendships not genuine (Aha)
And you ain't gonna give me nothin'
I've been in position for brothers wanna fuck like they love you
Up under you because you made your life outta something (What?!?)
Never know whats happening but he wants you to die
And you do look this nigga eye to eye swearing he was down for life (Yeah, you my dawg, guy)
All you bitches sound alike snitches, living of another nigga's riches
Sitting in the club with you wishing he had dip
Before the shit poped off 'cause he ain't got your best interest
I turn in this back [?]
In the begging I wasn't certain but a nigga stay observin' and I listen


[Verse 2: Bizarre]
Niggas looking for me, they better come to the woods
With 10 AK's and a limo with shogs
I'm a peaceful guy, I'll talk it out (But if you keep on frontin')
I'l have them gangsters talk it out
I got niggas that shoot straight, niggas that shoot sloppy
Lil' niggas like [?], big niggas like [?]
Fucking with me, you most be a damn fool because I haven't had a fight since high-school
(Now what that tell you?) I'll jump you, pass some niggas stomp you, woke up in your face and confront you
Cause' I'll do 10 if a nigga fuck with me
Go in like Slim, come out like Fifty
'Cause niggas trynna kill me, cut me, slice me, (catch me on the freeway) and trynna Obie Trice me
I'm scared to death, I don't wanna die
That's why I squeeze the trigger and close my eyes


[Verse 3: Kon Artist & Kuniva]
Well it should fell good that my momma out the hood
My record ain't go wood, a nigga eating good
I should feel like my nuts as big as my fists
When I fall I fall like gorillas in the jungle [?] (Pay attention nigga)
Well it should fell good that my momma out the hood
My record ain't go wood, a nigga eating good
I should feel like my nuts as big as my fists
When I fall I fall like gorillas in the jungle [?]
That's why I grab my dick, speak to the crowd (Mr. Porter)
Just the Gin, I'm talking out loud, proud 'cause I know I could be 6 feet under
Flat lined three times, who would have wondered that I would have made it
Didn't make a pass to 8th graders, kinda like a dream when I say it
My kids trynna go the same way I couldn't locate
'Cause it ain't shit like the way these niggas portrai' it
They trynna make you fell guilty for being successful
That's why I keep my gun by my bedpost
I bet most of these niggas couldn't hack it
If they got what they asked for when it came, this rap shit
Look, I keep a Glock 40 on my hip
Beretta on the front seat
A blade I named cold-cut
Turn your face into crunch weed
Now days niggas be on some punk shit, dump shit
Swear they run shit until the punks spit and lungs hit
I keep it straight-laced
What's more dangerous
A nigga with a gun or a lair with a straight face
I try to keep it godly but fuck new friends
Friends help you move
A true friend will help you move a body
I barley trust anybody outside of my [?]
Cause' the niggas that I [?] could be the one who [?]
Let me be exact, see the facts, read between the lines
Crumbled up by old blueprints
Had to redesign, took the time
Weeded out the snakes
So the next time a nigga speak his mind I'mma beat it out his face
So that's where I stand and my guns not far
This is for that sucker nigga, whoever you are