"Suicide" lyrics - D12

feat. Sindy Syringe

Pay attention

[Verse 1: Swifty]
(Why you doing this to me?) Come on, quit the yapping
There's no justification for the way that I be acting
I be asking for forgiveness, now you wanna end this?
I'm clean as a whistle, I promise I won't hit you but I still do
Every five minutes I'm calling you
I'm psycho, I might go nuts that's why I follow you
I wasn't showed affection, I fuck you rough, 'cause all I know is my erection
(Enough is enough!) See it's tough, but you don't think I hit another nigga
He'll be tied up, looking at me licking on your picture
I'mma pop your sister, then go for self
'Cause if I can't have you, shit, can't nobody else
I'm rebellious, remain the scandalous
2 of the room in anger management, bitch I can't handle it
Fuck it, I hate you
Fuck it, I love you

You make me wanna cry, suicide is on my mind
You beat me all the time, I wanna die
You make me wanna cry, suicide is on my mind
You beat me all the time, I wanna die

[Verse 2: Bizarre]
Who the fuck gives a fuck about a foster child?
Two years old, left at Belle Isle
My life's so fucking bad
Never had a mom and dad
Shit I'm surprised I ain't a fag
To release anger, I learned how to box
Got my ass kicked while the whole neighborhood watched
Now who the fuck gonna hire a laid off mechanic
Recovering drug addict, gets so crazed he's schizophrenic
Me and my mom, we lived in a trailer
She died 6 months ago, I still fucking hate her
Shit I hate me, I hate my fucking life
That's why every night I beat the shit out of my wife
To fight the demons, Bizarre stay high
That's why my son go to school with a fucking black eye
See my little boy, run up and hug him
See you in hell, tell D12 I love'em


[Verse 3: Proof]
It's like my eyes getting bigger and this wall's closing in
Closest friends telling me it's all supposed to end
I done brought you diseases that I caught from the skeezers
Even talked to the preacher he said it costs to see Jesus
I know I need work, only way you leave me if you leave earth
And I rather not breathe first
Shaun Holt always remain open, never die alone, shit
I know you hear me crying Lord
You gave me drugs and choices of girls
God you made me and played the biggest joke on the world
Lady I'm in the rap, maybe Shady that, I went and had a baby behind your back, I'm sorry
You don't wanna live, I don't need to live
But you must understand I die without them, I need my kids
Although I fight to like you, but I bite this rifle
Pull the trigger, 'cause I ain't living this life without you