"Crave" lyrics - GLENN HUGHES


Back in the frame, gotta get a new high
Now it's all the same,
Cuz the funk it don't die
In too deep, got sugar to the bone
You're a sick back beat
You're a black cat moan

It's everything, it's everything

Pretty young thing,
Better turn a new leaf
Cuz you got no shame,
You're a liar and a thief
Treat me like a dog
You scream and I fetch
Now it's killin' me,
Makin' me a poor wretch

It's everything, it's everything

Tell me what you crave,
It's a lift you save
Tell me what your crave,
Is it good for you?

Don't hide your face,
You must confess
In god's grace, you will address
This energy did put you straight
Your majesty don't make me wait