"Love Communion" lyrics - GLENN HUGHES

"Love Communion"

I wanna get inside your head
You oughta know, it's time to grow
We gotta try, try to justify
This sacred testament
I got to vent

Peaces, we can love inside the
Garden of pure light
It sure feels right

Can't you see that life's not jaded
Never been so elevated
Underneath the willow tree
That is where I want to be

Time, I been keepin' time to visualize
The role that I do play
Ain't no crime, I was miles away
I tried to let you know we reap and sow

Shape that love communion
In my mind
Don't you wanna get back to the grind
Shape that love communion in my soul
Only takes a second I been told
Won't you shape that love communion

Let me connect you, it's all that I want
I will recite from memory
It will direct you, it's my belief
In like a thief, then I'm gone