"Imperfection" lyrics - GLENN HUGHES


I feel like I've been here before
I'm not afraid to cry
And I don't wanna swim against
The turn of the tide
It could have been my innocence
It could have been my pride
I did not know but I still wonder why

There is a hole in the sky
Take me down to the sea
When I die
I feel a little bit strange now
I'm awake but I'm still breathing
In a state of imperfection
In a state of imperfection

Now tell me will you follow me?
I want to be your friend
The only thing just got to be
Our love it won't end
But someone took the sign away
And it's so hard to find
I wanna pray and open up my mind

Don't it get you
Don't it let it get you feelin' down
A revelation it's my salvation
To be grounded