"First Underground Nuclear Kitchen" lyrics - GLENN HUGHES

"First Underground Nuclear Kitchen"

I wanna know just how you feel
It time to move gonna make it real
There is a place I got to go
No doubt about it, you must know

Now I would like your company
The fruit tastes better off the tree
It gets me stoned in everyway
Now I'll be gone, hear what I say

Ain't no mistake, it's a way of livin'
This is the
First Underground Nuclear Kitchen
It ain't no fake, get back what your givin'
This the
First Underground Nuclear Kitchen

Take you down all the way
What you seek you will find
And it won't go away
Cuz it's deep in your mind

Now have you heard, we never close
Who's got the key, nobody knows
So let this groove motor on
Can't say goodbye until I'm done