"Alma Negra" lyrics - HELSTAR

"Alma Negra"

The poison in their veins flows from my blackened heart
The life blood that one spill fulfills my darkened soul
The excitement and the thrills as they tear your world apart
In calm insanity, murder in complete control

Alma Negra - I am the night stalker
Alma Negra - and then I am Dahmer
Alma Negra - I am the son of Sam
Alma Negra - Yes that's what I am

The voice inside their head again possessed it's time to kill
Pulsations in their brain they await for my call
The screaming and the pleas, the best part of the thrill
Time to take another out so we can watch them fall


The ones I have chosen fulfilled all my sins
Such laughter when begging for mercy begins
That look of fear in victims eyes is what I crave
When they see that look of death that says it's time to go to your grave

I am the genius that lived in their minds
Day after day more victims you'd find
I was evil that showed in their eyes
I stood by them while they silenced your cries

With haste and ecstasy, I've taken dominance
In my control heartless killing machines
Addicted to the sight of blood a rush that's so intense
Never feeling squeamish to the smell of death obscene