"Trinity Of Heresy" lyrics - HELSTAR

"Trinity Of Heresy"
(Barragan / Trevino)

In the folds of black sleep
I am and will always be
Boundless as a starless sky
There is no end for me
Body of rebellion
The light has been vanquished
Everything around you
Engulfed in my darkness

Father of tragedies
The son of atrocities
The ghost of eternal lies
Trinity of heresy

Bringer of disease
Messiah of persecution
Harborer of suffering
I'm the final retribution
Angel of the pit
Tempter of mankind
I've been known by many names
Not one of them divine


I have yearned for your crown of thorns
I've caressed the face of your pain
Judgment past for the lonely and forlorn
I am seen through your eyes of disdain
My love for you was despised
Only emptiness hears my cries
I am shame, unholy entity
I am blasphemy, hate for eternity

I am the poison nectar
You eagerly consume
I am the soul collector
Festering in your womb

A mocker of what is holy
Defier of the righteous
The epitome of disgrace
The worldly God who took your place