"Anger" lyrics - HELSTAR

(Barragan / Trevino)

Deep inside I'm burning
A war machine that keeps on churning
Every time I look at you
My indignation must break through
Gasoline runs through my veins
I need a spark to ease the strain
A quick release of blinding light
You're everything that I dislike

I can't contain my violent rage
This hatred that I cannot gauge
The pressure builds and I lash out
I need your blood to end this drought
To look at you is pure disgust
The words you speak I'll never trust
You smother and you suffocate
Connive and manipulate

A cesspool of hate
I clinch my fist and can't think straight
Distempered soul
My wrath is spiraling out of control
Has made me blind
The inner peace, I cannot find
My blood runs cold
My belligerent nature takes its toll

The 'cause of my vexation
Lies and incriminations
The object of my ire
All the shit that you conspire
Brooding in discontent
Malign and malevolent
The seeds that you have sown
The resentment that I own

All this fury is running deep
This bitterness I just can't keep
Vindictive spirit unrepressed
Hostile feelings I can't suppress
Cacophony of spleen and spite
My anger spills into the night
Forced to swallow this poison pill
Your actions cannot break my will