"Summer Of Hate" lyrics - HELSTAR

"Summer Of Hate"
(Barragan / Trevino)

Carve my name into your soul
Relinquish to me complete control
I pull the strings of the marionettes
I am the face you'll not soon forget

Into the sweltering night it spreads
The savaged bodies and disfigured heads

I am the God of Death
The silencer of labored breath
Words of blood that desecrate
Announce the coming summer of hate

I'm the beast that can't be tamed
I'm the lamb to lay your blame
Speak my name it's blasphemy
Let the children come to me

Master of the dogs of war
Leader of the killing corps


If you die for me
You die in yourself
From society
I remove myself
With this sign
It will begin
Groveling swine
Blood splattered skin
Walk with me in darkness
I will light a path for you
I'm the cruel and the heartless
These words are the venom I spew

I'm the devil and here to do the devil's business

Their screams and pleas were all ignored
Extinguished lives for the one you adored
The blood you shed has stained my hands
The lifeless lay on spoiled lands

This is the bond that cannot be severed
This is the hate that will last forever