"Conquest" lyrics - HELSTAR


Beware tonight as the city sleeps
The warlords come to call
To do away with those who oppose
Tonight the city will fall
They're from a place not far from here
They come to over rule
To find and seize the iron cross
And wage wanton destruction upon you

The scanners flash "red alert"
Intruders from the west
They plan to scale the massive walls
To fulfill their final conquest

The assault is on, no time to waste
Intruders swarm the battle grounds
The warnings came much too late
The alarm of no quarter sounds
The bodies burn and the blood does spill
The battle rages on
The city fends off the attack
But the iron cross is gone

To the victor go the spoils
No one will stand in their way
The torches light the way to home
Where the iron cross will stay

And so the city fades and dies
The warlords reign supreme
They are the keepers of the cross
And destroyers of your dreams
The empire stands alone and strong
Unmoved by human fear
They feel their power will always grow
But their dying days are near

Very soon they too will fall
Killed in their very sleep
Intruders will come, as they came once
And the iron cross, they'll no longer keep