"Evil Reign" lyrics - HELSTAR

"Evil Reign"

I hear the sirens start to sound
I see the mighty kings bow down
The end my friend is here,
The enemies arrive
To kill those who've survived
We must fight and show no fear,
We have come upon the hour
Evil reign will show its power
Like a bolt!
It will fall from the sky
Dark forces take control
And try to rob you of your soul
The strong and pure will die!

The sun will fade to black
And the skies above will crack
And blood will spue from its wound
Night and day will be the same
Underneath the evil reign
Our future is lost, we are doomed
The Earth will start to freeze
And we will fall prey to disease
The wicked shall inherit the Earth
In a courtyard many stand
The choice to die or take the brand
But with your end you'll find your worth

It rose up from the sea
It's the beast hell bent to kill
It invaded every land
Until every land was still
A trail of rotting corpses
Stench the air it leaves behind
On it's quest for mass destruction
To destroy all who it finds
It's orphaned all the children
And left them dying in the snow
This beast will show no mercy
For to kill is all it knows
Screams of terror
And whispers of death
Echo through out the land
Visions of hell
Break through and turn real
The fire's awaiting the damned

A beam of light now fills the sky
And the evil one shall die
The judgment days' at hand
Fighting angels closing in
Destroying all who followed sin
The evil reign has lost all command
A lake of fire awaits them all
Screaming souls slowly fall
Into the pit where flames never die
And now they know just who you are
The ruler called the burning star
The king who rides across the sky