"Dark Queen" lyrics - HELSTAR

"Dark Queen"

The queen will strike before the dawn
She silently waits in her lair
A stab in the back and the king will be gone
A blood stained crown she now wears
Darkness shrouds the realm of the king
Evil surrounds her domain
Distorted and twisted this land with no king
Her paupers all cry out in pain

Chained by deception
And shackled by all of her lies
Without rejection
We take her into our lives
God save our queen
From the light

The castle halls grow dim and cold
Take leave with the stars as your guide
Go on search of a city of gold
Go for your queen you must ride

To lay siege on distant lands
To heir the golden throne
To rule the world with an iron hand
To make your life her own

Bow to your queen strong and bold
Or off with your head it will be
For your life is hers forever to hold
Only she can set you free