"Destroyer" lyrics - HELSTAR


Venom hordes to greet the time lord
Of whence to come,
Scouts aboard to clear the path
Through mt. Canyon si,
Temples cross marks to mind
The burning skies above,
Saxon sounds through out the land
Beware the rebel sands,
Aware the mark where the temples meet
The overlord condemns,
He is there where no venom goes
He is the unknown killer

Parade of troops march down the hill
To protect the grail
In fear of the unknown killer
It is written she knows
They are to plead to the time lords queen
To give his name
She asked for power and the overlord spells
Greed to poison her mind
To capture him and take his power
The lord knew his name

As the lord of time ways in dreams
Awakens to see the disaster
The queen of si, he banquist to bleed
The greed as she went to hell,
Plea to them who must give sorrow,
For they shall cry for thee,
For pity I would give you,
But strength I must give to he

As the lords unleashed away their menacing venom
The temples skies redden destruction
The fall of the temples remain
As the haunting hopes clear the debris
Surprised to find he's gone
Their lord waves his hand to clear them

As they fall one by one
Scared to run then cast a spell
To hide from him you flee
The feel of steel in through your back
As you fall to your knees
Pray in deed your life to him
For beggars go through hell,
Cry out his name for none to heed
The killer destroyer prevails