"All I Want Is Mine" lyrics - INSPECTAH DECK

"All I Want Is Mine"

[Intro: Inspectah Deck]
It's not Jacob, but you can still call me the jeweler
You know how I throw that jewelry on you
And this one right here, this is just a tennis bracelet
You rock that with your white Nikes, and your white tee
Sunny Dave' style, ya'll feel me? Come on

[Inspectah Deck]
I dreamed I was top of the world, watching the world
Awoke to a room full of smoke, gun at my throat
I dwell in the heart of the hell, but never fell
Po'nine scopin' me the whole time, they close behind
My wants just as big as my needs, so it's agreed
To strap up, tie these shoes, provide the school
A wild out, had to hide out, in China's house
Then run free, down to 1G, and hungry
I won't fold, from the chokehold, I broke molds
Fake ones, fake as they come, waiting to front
I fight if it cost me my life, toss me the knife
To move up, I do what I must, but who to trust
I came from the grain and remain mentally stained
The hardships, starving artist, it's obvious
I'm 'raging against the machine' to make some CREAM
That's how we live, just grab your kids, now we big
All up in The Source, we flip and win the toss
The law say, lock 'em away, vow to this day
The world is ours, we the loud ones at early hours
Striving, for a new way, my dues are payed

[Hook 2x: Inspectah Deck]
All I want is mine..
All I want is mine..
All I want is mine..
All I want is mine..

[Interlude w/ Hook: Inspectah Deck]
Yeah.. I mean, yo, we grinding out here
We got our lives on the line
We got oddballs watching us
We got fucking thieves, crooks, murderers
Gangstas, we got all types of shit we gotta watch out for
Let alone, your right hand man'll send shots to wet you, son

[Inspectah Deck]
My conscience beggin' me chills, steady we build
I ask, is it back to the cracks after the raps
Where I'm from, used to be fun, soon'll become
A deathtrap, mental setback, forget that
I'mma do this, for that all I am, call out a man
Black like Sidney Portier, boy, beware
The future's now, my superpowers could move the crowd
The road I follow, so far to go to see tomorrow
I'm close to the edge, my folks are mislead
Some, lose a step, lyric clueless, they choosin' death
That's the wrong vibe, the strong survive, known as they strive
Now watch me, top of the key, dropping a three
In my fate, the biography state, I would be great
For now, I milk the cow, build it from the ground
More or less, continue conquest hard as it gets
The promised land, ain't promised to a honest man
So, right or wrong, I'm fighting on this life long
Now let me live, set for my wiz and seven kids
I hit the block focus like Mr. Spock
And whether, rhymes or crimes, all I want is mines

[Hook 2x]

[Outro: Inspectah Deck]
All I want is mines, what they expect us to do?
They taking programs to a channel, man
You gotta pay to be locked up, you ain't getting no jobs
Niggas got three/four kids, four or five baby moms
No crib, living out they cars and shit
I got to get mines... then ain't no stopping
I'mma do what I gotta do, and I'mma rep for my set
My nigga Case rest in peace, my nigga, I'mma see you
The'll never take me alive, the'll never take me alive..