"H.G. Is My Life" lyrics - INSPECTAH DECK

"H.G. Is My Life"
feat. House Gang

[Hook: unknown singer]
I'm an Animal, Animal, and House Gang is my life
And I'm gon' ride til I die, ride til I die, til the day I lose my life
I'm an Animal, oh, and House Gang is my life
And I'm gon' ride til I die, ride til I die, til the day I lose my life

[Donnie Cash]
Fuck you know about this Animal life, I'm from Homicide Housing
By the thousand, niggas handling pipes
And we wilding in the cameras and lights, don't give a fuck
Who we touch, we demanding these rights
It's like we stuck to our hammers for life, so let the cannons ignite
From our fam, raid the cannon for life
Hold your steel, when you hope a nigga fronting, feel like jumping
Got to still waiting, so it's nothing to slump, I'm still taking
And if I'm lying I'm dying, and if I'm dying
It's somebody coming with me, so somebody come and get me
Donnie, you can find me in the lobby, where ya kids be
Shotty to the body, and your wisdom
Ain't no problems, I ain't hiding, come and get me
I'm riding, and my squad is coming with me
That's Donnie, nigga...

[Hook: unknown singer]
Don't under estimate me, because
I rough with upstate and blow torch
But oh, oh, oh, you don't know
You can't take one blow, no, no, no, no


[La Banga]
It ain't nothing to knife you down, box you up
Knock you out, use cold water to wake you up
Since something horrific await to shake you up
To get me aggy, it really don't take too much
The weed, the haze, that had me, calm, but I'm ready to jump
Not off ecstasy, but when my team thump
It's a family feud, homage should only be paid by dues
I know killas, who pump John Coltrane for mellow moods
Or Al Green when they riding on beef
Heat, under the lap, on top of the seat
Easy to back out, for unexpected New York streets
And the magnet to the problems it bring, that come with it
We run with it, survival of the fittest, and you can't fuck with it
Go the bus ticket, straight out of dodge
Or hit the I-9-5, do a ninety in the car
Get up out of here, as fast you can, we know who you are


[Carlton Fisk]
Don't you know when that Animal, end of your sight
Either feed him or run for you life
It's a concrete jungle, and I'm all right
Yankee fitted, white Nike's, and I know apply pressure, bust pipes
And my HG's, UD'z, we just the type
To do you in, that's my Annamette, checking the ruger
And my Animalz, stay strapped, packing maneuver
Clappin' is usual, Homicide Housing is crutial
Smoke purple when the shadow cops circle the hassle
Oh, it's natural, that's the way Animalz play
I'mma ride til I die, that's how what Animal live
Stay grizzly, Carlton Fisk, that swift, four fizzy
With the Lex key, and a thorough inspectery
Same shit, different day, know me, the Fugitive's back
And off parole, 'cause them faggots couldn't hold me
Donnnie Cash, my little homey, La Banga, House Gang Co-D


[Outro: Carlton Fisk]
House Gang... Urban Icons...
UD'z... UndaDogz... and we Animalz
Gat y'all niggas, watch out...
Yeah... Ruckus...