"Get Ya Weight Up" lyrics - INSPECTAH DECK

"Get Ya Weight Up"

[Intro: Inspectah Deck]
You know what it is... H.G., U.D.Z's
S.I.N.Y., 10304, get big
Yeah.. Wu-Tang for life

[Inspectah Deck]
It's like World War IV in the field, daily ordeal
Wolfpack diggin' claws in your mill
Ducking blue coats tossin' the steel, it's all real
My lifetime of crime, I never talk or squeal
And I move with the coldest around, I be holding my ground
And I'mma hold it til I'm thrown in the ground
So I'm blowing rounds and I'm known to carry six
New Jacks in the City, get "Burned" like "Larry Fish"
Daddy rich, bitch magnet, I hand you a fix
Spit bricks on the mix and make the avenues flip
Cali grips on the regular, beretta's a fifth
Jumping out, nappy whips, watch ya neck & your wrist
No question I'm reppin' my click, specialist
From the young'ns to O.G., checkin' for this
Play hard on the graveyard shift, cigar split
Far quick, when the shit jump off, you heartless
This is S.I.N.Y., Killah Killah Hill
10304, home to gorillas in the field
Yeah, what up all my niggas out there
10304, home to gorillas in the field

[Hook: Inspectah Deck]
Ya'll wanna ride with us, get ya weight up
You want it live & direct, get the pay up
From the projects, blocks, we on our way up
Animal Ways of Life, you get ate up
To all my ballers & broad, y'all stay up
Try'nna make a mil' a day before I lay up
Hot like the pot you got, you cook yay' up
I'm with the foulest in town, so play straight up

[Inspectah Deck]
I hold it with the bolo grip, solo controller strip
Behold, P.L.O. the click, man, it's over with
So quick, notice how we bang with the knuckles bare
House Gang, keep it fresh lik supper ware
The Jungle, Animal House, gat in your mouth
Gamble with the wild life, cannibal out
Give this full course meal in effect, reel to reel or cassette
Or with the mask on peelin' the tech
Killah Hill, man, you feelin' my set, feelin' my rep
Annamette with the top down, wheelin' the 'Vette
Scoop me downtown, cop the bread and back to the 'victs
Twist a blunt in front of Jake and still mash on the strip
Face swift with the rap shit, stacking them chips
In the pits, stick shit, cats packing them grips
Bad bitch with the black six after my dips
She like, this your pussy, and she splash my click
See my name on the wall, not a fake or a fraud
Niggas straight, like an inmate, try'nna make the board
Make way and dues pay for sure, I lay law, stay raw
'Cause a 'massacre' with no 'chainsaw'
Have y'all talk about it, but you don't want war
See my wolves eat the bones and they still want more
We be foaming at the mouth, even, I doubt we leave without eating
So without reason, pounds are squeezing
The lifestyle of fiends and beans, big dreams and CREAM
Bitches ride like the Scream Machine
Caught a taste of it, the chick strip, clean out the jeans
Next thing she was smuggling coke between the scene