"Can't Take No More" lyrics - JOHN MAYALL & THE BLUESBREAKERS

"Can't Take No More"

I got something to tell you, baby, been bugging me in my mind
I can't get along with the things you said and the faults you always find

It's time to tell you, baby
Yeah, it's time to close that door
We once had a good thing going on
But I just can't take no more

It seemed like a good time in my life, I was giving you all I had
Just the way that good things go wrong when the good times turn to bad

So it's time to tell you, baby
Yeah, it's time to say goodbye
Looking back at the good times, baby
That disappeared by and by

[Instrumental break]

Well, I got my eyes on the special prize, a new life up ahead
Won't forget about the life we lived and the nights you shared my bed

There is time to tell you, baby
There is time to close my door
Go find another guy
'Cause my love ain't there no more
I can't take it anymore