"One Special Lady" lyrics - JOHN MAYALL & THE BLUESBREAKERS

"One Special Lady"

I want a woman who will treat me nice
She got to be like sugar and spice
I'll pick her up and show her around
She'll never ever try to bring me down
One special lady, hitting every spot in town

All my friends are saying that it's not too late
I've been around and in a roaming state
But now it's time to start looking again
Find a pretty girl with some time to spend
One special lady, trying to stop my running 'round

I'll take her 'round the world, show her where I've been
Take her all the places that she's never seen
We'll try to have a fun time everywhere
People say we look like quite a pair
One special lady, going to take her everywhere

[Instrumental break]

I'm not ready yet to really settle down
Too soon to stop the way I cruise around
All the fun things that other people do
We'll make 'em our own the way we wanted to
With one special lady, sharing all the things we do