"Chills And Thrills" lyrics - JOHN MAYALL & THE BLUESBREAKERS

"Chills And Thrills"
feat. Mike W. Campbell

I've been travelling such a long road for way, way much too long
I need my baby in my arms and I need to find that long way home
Hey, baby, you know I'm coming home
And my love is coming right to you and only you
We've been apart so very long that I got a special vision of all the things that we're gonna do
I got the visions of you

Take my hand, girl, won't you let me lead the way?
I'm gonna hug you tight and kiss you right until the break of day
Oh, baby, you know I'm on my way
You give me chills and the thrills that I just can't even explain
I been missing you so bad, your tender lovin' huggin' gonna drive me completely insane
You're completely insane

[Instrumental break]

When you touch me, you send some chills all down my spine
You'd make a blind man see, you could even make a strong man cry
Come on, baby, please don't stop because I can't get enough of your love
You make me feel so very good, you know I think about our loving, it's all I'm ever thinking of
I'm ever thinking of