"The Sun Is Shining Down" lyrics - JOHN MAYALL & THE BLUESBREAKERS

"The Sun Is Shining Down"
feat. Carolyn Wonderland

You look in your bedroom mirror with nobody else around
It makes you start to wonder 'bout things in life you've found

And I'm so glad I've always got my friends around
Got a home in California and the sun is shining down

It's been a long, long journey and I ain't got time to quit
Things are going so good so far, not bad for some old Brit

And I'm so glad the sun is shining down on me
Got a home in California and no place I would rather be

When I wake up in the morning, the birds are all awake
Hitting hard from one deep sleep, it's sometimes hard to shake

But I'm so glad that life has put me in this place
I really hit the bullseye, sun is shining on my face

[Instrumental break]

I've got such a busy life, but I've always time for you
I think of all the good things you know the best to do

And I'm so glad I'm in this magic place I've found
Yeah, the sun is shining down, got my special friends around