"You Can Love Yourself" lyrics - KEB' MO'

"You Can Love Yourself"

My baby she wrote me a letter
She didn't call me on the phone
Five little words was all she wrote
She said, see ya later I'm gone

She had no explanation
About why she had to go
Well I can't take a joke,
But I can take a hint
She don't love me no more

And if nobody loves you
And you feel like dust on an empty shelf
Just remember
You can love yourself

My mother says she loves me
But you know she could
Be jivin' too
And everybody's always
Criticizing everthying that I do

I work 9 to 5, do the best I can
Try to please the boss
I bought a big ol' house,
And a brand new car
And then he laid me off


Everytime I meet a lady
I wanna try to get to know
Either I'm too small or
She's too tall
She's rich and I'm po'

So I called my old
Friend Hazel Mae
Asked her out for a little date
She said "I'm married now and I got
Three little kids, boy
Ya' just a little too late"

[Chorus 2x]