"Michael Rap" lyrics - LOGIC

"Michael Rap"

[Skit: Michael Rapaport]
Yo, Logic, or Bobby, or whatever the fuck your name is these days
Bobby or MC Logic, MC Bobby, MC Nobody-Gives-A-Shit
It's Michael Rapaport
Yo, I know you asked me to do a skit on your album
And I told you yeah, I would do a skit on your album
And I said I was a fan, I was lyin', okay?
Um, I'm not doin' a fuckin' skit on your album
I hear you're always talkin' about bars and all that shit
Dude, no one cares, man
You four-eyed fuck, get yourself some Auto-Tunes
Stop text- I'll block you
I don't wanna block you, but I will block you
You four-eyed biracial motherfucker, you
You half-cooked cocksuck-