"Tony Revolori" lyrics - LOGIC

"Tony Revolori"

[Skit 1: Tony Revolori]
Yo, man
It's Tony Revolori
What's good, we still on for this movie night tonight?
Hocus Pocus, bitch

[Skit 2: Tony Revolori]
Yo, Bob
What's good?
It's Tony Revolori

[Skit 3: Tony Revolori]
Yo, Bob
How you doin'?
It's Tony Revolori
We still on for this movie night?

[Skit 4: Tony Revolori]
Yo, Bob
What's good man?
It's Tony Revolori
Just calling to check if we're still good for this movie night tonight

[Skit 5: Tony Revolori]
Que Pasa Mufasa?
It's Tony Revolori
What's up? Where you at?
I've been waiting outside for like, four hours now
Can you just like hurry up?
Just pick one pair of shoes and get your ass out here

[Skit 6: Tony Revolori]
Yo, Bobby
Bobby Booshay
Bobby Flay
It's Tony Revolori
Calling for the seventeenth time
You know I'm, I'm starting to feel like you're avoiding me

[Skit 7: Tony Revolori]
Yo, Bob
It's Tony Revolori

[Skit 8: Tony Revolori]
Yo dude, what's up?
It's Tony Revolor-

[Skit 9: Tony Revolori]
Yo Bob, what's good?
It's Ton-

[Skit 10: Tony Revolori]
Yo, Bobby
What's good? Ah
This is Tony Revolori
I woke up in a random field
I have no idea where I'm at
What the fuck did we do last night?

[Skit 11: Tony Revolori]
Yo, it's Tony Revolori
I'm just calling you to say, "Hi"
And I miss you

[Skit 12: Tony Revolori]
Yo Bobby, what's good?
It's Tony Revolori
I got those underwears that you let me borrow
Lemme know if you want 'em back