"Nardwuar" lyrics - LOGIC

feat. Doctor Destruction

[Intro: Nardwuar]
Hi, Logic
It's Nardwuar the Human Serviette
From Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, saying
Please keep on sampling in the free world
And doot-dooda-loot-doo, Lo-gic
Nardwuar from Vancouver, British-

[Interlude: Doc D & Nardwuar]
Turn me up
Yeah, turn the whole shit up, yeah, loud as fuck
You're gonna have to probably extend it 'cause I'ma go off on this bitch, ready?
Outer Space Gang, bitch (Yeah)
Check, that's it
And please keep on sampling

[Verse: Doc D]
What's the difference between you and me?
Came from nothin', now I'm rockin' Louis V
Suck my dick, it's Doc D
Logic hit me to appear on this final Def Jam CD
I'm the greatest rapper in the multiverse
That's why I got a million multis and a verse
Outer Space Gang, JT, Vorgon and Gordax
Y'all don't want the smoke, bitch, I got more gas
That'll rip your back through your thorax, fuck Sharon
Connected on the block like Bluetooth pairin'
Steady on my grind, peep the bearings
Not a single one of you motherfuckers is comin' close
I've been workin' on that Planetory Destruction numero dos
I'm out this bitch, watch me coast