"Goddess / Devil" lyrics - M.O.D.

"Goddess / Devil"
(Billy Milano)

I'd never knew love until the knight that I met you
I never knew love could hurt like an open wound
I swore I'd be yours until the end of the world
I swore to god it was real love he'd watch it unfurl
Goddess /Devil
Now I see our love was a disease that was not meant to exist at all.
Our true love had it all
Goddess/Devil, she's my goddess he's my devil.

I smell the love coming off of you - I start to melt from your perfume
Were gonna take a trip to just me and you a share a love for two
I remember the look, look in your eyes,
My honey pie -Right then and There it was okay to die, to die- I wanted to die.
We were in a world that was only filled with a love that we both shared
Only heaven and god witnessed our love and sin - but we didn't care

That's the story of the jilted lovers. They loved each other and no other.
They died for love...