"Suicide Bomb Pop" lyrics - M.O.D.

"Suicide Bomb Pop"
(Billy Milano)

The constitutions not a death pact
We've evolved more than it that's a fact
People waive their guns and that's their right to do
Most people, just complain because it's safe to do.
Which one are you?

I look around the world what's goin on?
There never seems to be an end to too all the bullshit
What the fuck is this?
What's with Muslims cutting off peoples heads.
What's with Jews droppin bombs instead of breaking bread.
Now, I'm truly pissed!
Suicide bombers headed down town- destination paradise
Only body parts will be found. Hey look there's a head That muthafucker is absolutely dead
Packin their camels ass full of dynamite- You have to wonder why?
I never seen a camel fly..hey that's a neat trick.
But it's still pretty sick- it's really sick! You guys are real dicks!

We don't strap bombs on our kids. That's not how we live.
What's so great about killing for GOD
Suicide bomb population overload
It's a sad fact- that most people suck
When killing for GOD- everyone's fucked

Sometimes life is so overbearing that even the simple act of sharing
Makes it so impractical that it's impossible, not even probable-
Simply unimaginable really unobtainable.
Sensory system on overload- what's with all the codes
Red alert everyone stay home.

Whose life is it anyway- one life we have to live-, I want to live it my own way
No matter what they say, Just take it day by day. No matter what they say.
This is your life, This is your time, don't step out of line.
We are watching -Ten thousand cameras in your town
We hear you- Even when we're not around
Just sit back, enjoy
It's a beautiful day- Everything's is not ok!
Life is beautiful simple wonderful, life is beautiful...