"We Are Nothing" lyrics - M.O.D.

"We Are Nothing"
(Billy Milano)

Another species dead and gone-the master species presses on,
All is lost, All is lost what will be the final cost
Where is god to intervene? Don't you hear your children scream?
All alone, all alone- we are fucking all alone,
There is no one, nothing else -we are all alone
Genocide, genocide, plastic mold injected people on the rise
Procreating ourselves into extinction.
All is lost, all is lost I don't even fucking care
All should learn, All should burn
This disease man...
I wouldn't save from the pinchers of hell
Prevent another holocaust or stop the comet that fell
We are gonna get everything that we deserve, we are nothing!
I'd light up Krakatoa just to choke out the sky
Take a bath in acid rain as a tsunami passed by
I crack a Guinness open and with a wink to my life
And I'd say goodbye
To a world that is pure shit
Full of selfish bastards and religious zealots
If I had the big red button I fucking push it.
You can bet on it.
There no salvation for petty selfish fools
Who prayed away a life to live by someone else's rules
If there really was a God then it be plain enough to see
That there would be no war, no pain, no misery and no me!