"Hardcore Harry" lyrics - M.O.D.

"Hardcore Harry"
(Billy Milano)

Talk about Unity,
Unity and hardcore brother pride
Talk about solidarity, cash in on it and take it for a ride.
Hold another benefit for some unworthy cause.
Sit around and remise your never kept it real, you just kept it all.
Never gave a shit about anyone just their cash
You were never down with the real-
You just figured it was better than smoking crack
You must walk around and laugh at all the fools you fucked
From the start I saw your heart. I bled or the scene- you tore it apart.
You better believe it mother fucker
Sit around and reminisce-Of old school days and hardcore shows
Ignorance is truly bliss- Hardcore Harry fooled them all

You Fuckin Hard-core Hypocrite,
Fuck your Hard-core Mini mall
Keep it real? you keep it all!
Hardcore Harry's fooled them all.
You are a never was and surely never been
Bootleg everyone and never pay the bands
You can never try to make me comprehend
How you pass yourself off to be a friend
Who the fuck you kidding - Not me
I ain't buying what your selling- Not me
You call me the hardcore devil- I am
But I've always honored my friends