"Been Through It All" lyrics - MACHINE GUN KELLY

"Been Through It All"
feat. Cheri Dennis

[Intro: Machine Gun Kelly & (Cheri Dennis)]
(I can say that I made it, 'cause in my heart I'm the greatest
I've been through it all)
This song is for everyone out there
Who's ever made it through the hard times
For everyone who's ever had to struggle
For what they wanted in life
This song is for everyone
Who had to sit through the dark days
Before they saw the light
For everyone who's been through it all
Shout out to my fans, man
This one's for y'all, baby!

[Verse 1: Machine Gun Kelly]
Uhh, I been through it all
Crazy, because I never thought I'd say that (Naw)
The cost to be the boss, never thought I'd pay that (Not at all)
Headed to the top, without the friends I've had since way back
Near death experiences, watching my life play back
Damn, and I have never sold a brick
But I can show you where to get it
Like I can show you how to flip
My whole life has been a hustle
Since momma bounced on her kid
And I ain't never scared of drama
I was born up in the shit (Let's go)
'Cause it was once upon a time, mu'fucker
We were fine and I was just a little snobby mu'fucker (Right?)
Then it changed, now these people wanna rob me mu'fucker (Oh)
New environment, now Pops' like "Get a job muh fucker!" (Whoo)
Yeah, so I did that, wasn't with that, so I quit that
Told them about my dreams and then they laughed
But I spit that, fire
Couldn't deny it, so the choir that would chip, yeah (What they do?)
Shut it up, and still I won't forget that
Man fuck y'all!
And I won't put that behind me (Behind me)
Even though I left the past (Past)
And I'm still the kid now (Now)
Even though I left the class (Class)
I'm on, and it took everything from A to Z to do it
So anything I'm talking, I've been through it
I've been through it all

[Hook: Cheri Dennis]
I've been through it all
Had to hustle just to make it through the struggle
But I still won't let that get me down
Put my feelings in the music
So the world can hear me all around
Every town and every city
Every state and every country
I can say that I made it
'Cause in my heart I'm the greatest
Because I been through it all

[Verse 2: Machine Gun Kelly]
Look, in April I was born, at 14 I was a felon (Uhuh)
By 18, I had been to more funerals than a reverend (Damn)
And right when I felt like I'd give it up, look what they sent me
My beautiful baby girl straight outta heaven
And I loved you girl
And even though that was never part of the plan
And people doubted it because of who I am
Fuck, I hope they understand
That at 19 with the world in my hands
I stepped up and handled that shit like a man
I've been homeless, I've been broke
Done every drug 'cept for coke
I done fought for my life, been jumped, shot at, and more
I've been rich and I've been poor
Had to steal from the store on nights there wasn't shit to eat
And seen my best friends go
Damn, so what the fuck could you possibly say to me? (Huh?)
The verdict is I'm the truth, but you can thank today's jury (Yup)
But if you wanna judge, come walk a mile in my chucks
But the world sucks, better Lace Up, uhhgk


[Verse 3: Machine Gun Kelly]
Okay, I've been made out be a monster
But the only thing aggressive about me
Is the will that I have to conquer
I told them I was the best
And they doubted, but no longer
Out of all the starving artists
They could hear my hunger (Sup?)
And if that's wrong then I don't wanna be right
I'm always dreaming so I'm gone in the night (Shhh)
And now it's reality
I'm calling home like "I'll be gone on this flight"
But how can I contact a place that doesn't exist in my life?
Home, I guess that I'll just be alone for the ride
And live vicariously through another's eyes
Adding on to the list of lies
So my girl doesn't trust me for shit
Probably 'cause after my momma left I ain't trusted a chick
Shit, and my father drowning his problems with the bottle
While I'm praying my auntie can see tomorrow
'Cause cancer ain't a joke
And I just lost one of my best friends to the pen
So I don't wanna live again
I been through it


[Outro: Machine Gun Kelly]
And if you ever have a dream
Don't be scared to chase that shit, man
You can have whatever you want in this life
Don't let anyone tell you different
And shoutout to my fans for helping me achieve my dreams