"I Know" lyrics - MACHINE GUN KELLY

"I Know"
feat. Ray Jr.

[Hook: Ray Jr. & (Machine Gun Kelly)]
I know, you don't wanna see me like
Ridin' through the day and night
Tryna get my money right (Uh)
I know, you hate to see me doin' right (Yeah)
Switchin' cars and changin' flights
Tryna get my money right
(You killed this shit, Ray... Kells)
And I know [5x]
(Uh, lets get this money, fool)
And I know [5x]
(Yeah, lets get this money fool)

[Verse 1: Machine Gun Kelly]
Until these dollars in my pockets fat as 10 wallets
Man, I'm tryna ball until my paper stretch like Ben Wallace
I got respect, now I just need power like 10 sockets
Plus I'm fly as fuck
Man, I must'a came outta the womb with 10 rockets
Gone, "B-b-blast off"
I grinded my ass off
Now my hotels filled with 20 bitches with they pants off
And we blow that cash crop
Puff, puff, pass on
'Til that green is gone
Shit, it looks like we mowed the grass on
C-L-E, man I rep my town
Everyday bleed that orange and brown
Muthafuck what you talkin 'bout
'Less EST comin' out your mouth
I'm puttin' on my gang an' shit
You puttin' on your hatin' shit
Your girl told me I'm the best
I ain't have to say shit


[Verse 2: Machine Gun Kelly]
Ok, everybody knows I be on my job (Yes)
Label me the Diddy of my city, doin' anything for a penny
An' when I'm "In Da Club" call me 50, making people "Whoa" like Black Rob
Don't nobody ever wanna see me shine
But you can't block the sun
Since I'm a star, that mean we're the same
Which means Imma shine no matter what
So call me "Kid", call me "Kells"
If you ain't about shit don't call my cell
I had my fans before my deal
And they hold me down 'cause they know I'm real
So say I'm this, call me whack
But when I come around better tuck your sack
It's EST all around the world
So the whole planet got my back (Bow)
Fuck your cars, fuck your clothes
Walk up in the spot, take all your hoes
20 dollar Levi's, I don't need Green Guys
Alphabet Cake baked all them O's
My hotel, my hotel?
You wanna know what happens in my hotel?
Is that your girl? I know her well
She was here last night, now bitch go tell

[Refrain: Ray Jr. & (Machine Gun Kelly)]
Tryna get my money right
(Everyday I'm out here)
Tryna get my money right
(Yeah, you know I)
Tryna get my money right
(I heard they hatin' 'cause I'm)
Tryna get my money right
(Mic check, ok)

[Verse 3: Machine Gun Kelly]
So why you talking down now?
Because I run your town now?
Because I'm ring leader of (This, this, this)
And you a clown now
Because you fell off bad as fuck (True)
Because I'm on, you mad as fuck (True)
Because me and my team made it ourselves, you lookin' mad at us
Or maybe 'cause the streets you call your hood rock with me more than you
An 'member in the same building the crowd watchin' me more than you
Do I get paid more than you?
No but your a fuckin' fool
'Cause that girl that you trickin', call your wifey, chose me over you