"Cleveland" lyrics - MACHINE GUN KELLY

feat. Dub-o

[Verse 1: Machine Gun Kelly]
Man, I'm so Cleveland it's a goddamn shame
So East side I'm a goddamn gang
Said you ain't heard about my goddamn name
Better ask around here, I'm a goddamn king
Man I put my work in these goddamn streets
Earned my stripes like a goddamn beast
Tatted up no shirt still got sleeves
And I'm good from heights to 116th
Mother fucker this me, Kells
Fuck the fame!
Still roll through the blocks where they up them thangs
With the same hoes that tatted up my name
I'm still the little white boy out of Shaker, mane
I go hard, off, in, dumb
But you don't wanna test my G
Because I got one thou', two thou', three thou', four thousand soldiers in EST
Baou, Baou

[Hook: Machine Gun Kelly]
Yeah, yeah, yeah!
You know I put it down for (Cleveland)
I rep my state, my hood, my side of town in (Cleveland)
King of this shit, that's why I wear my crown in (Cleveland)
So don't come around Cleveland
Bitch I'm from (Cleveland)
Tatted it on my arm you know I'm reppin' (Cleveland)
This where I'm from you wanna hate, don't step in (Cleveland)
Laced Up I got to keep on running (Cleveland)
Yeah, yeah!
Bitch I'm from Cleveland
I say bitch I'm from Cleveland!

[Verse 2: Dubo]
I done came from a long way
Fuck y'all I love where I stay
Cleveland my city put the pedal to the side
You know how we ride
Hate on me? No hate on your momma
'Cause she birthed you
And you ain't worth a dolla'
Shit sour smoke
Put kush in my throat
Getting money little nigga
Later on I'mma holla'
Do I know you? Nope
I don't know!
Do I know you?
East side, let's go
I could show you
West side got tools, no pro tools
I know a couple niggas down the way
East High School, yeah, I went down the way
'98 I pulled in Cleveland
Ever since then I've been down to stay
I got adapted quick man, I'll snatch ya bitch
Bankroll, Pringle, have to stack my chips
Oh no, I ain't play much
But E.S.T. be the team I play fo'
I got love for the niggas that fuck with me
No love for the niggas that don't fuck with me
It don't matter if I'm out of town
Everywhere I go I let them know I'm Cleveland bound

[Hook: Machine Gun Kelly]

[Verse 3: Machine Gun Kelly]
Man I'm east side right here, did crime right here
Blood, sweat and tears I cried right here
Tatted my city and showed pride right here
Looking at it like 'this mine right here'
So what you talking about; I can't ride right here?
You mother fuckers think I'm gonna hide right here?
Raised in this god damn city
No I wasn't born in it, but believe I'ma die right here
Cleveland bred, Cleveland fed
My Cleveland girl give me Cleveland head
And anybody saying that Cleveland's dead
Fuck y'all!
Tell them that's what Cleveland said
Cleveland fit, Cleveland hat
Anywhere I go is where Cleveland's at
So when the world ends I think you'll know where we'll be
Bitch right here in Cleveland

[Hook: Machine Gun Kelly]