"Make It" lyrics - MACHINE GUN KELLY

"Make It"
feat. Sean McGee

[Verse 1: Machine Gun Kelly]
They said I got 24 hours in a dream, right?
Well I'mma show these people how to dream right
I go to sleep when I want to live my real life
'Cause waking up doesn't feel right
So I spend every single moment I'm awoken dreamin' on
Teachers pinching me like, "What is going on?"
And I'm tell em I'm fine
But they say that I'm wrong
They ask me where's my mind at
I tell em that it's gone
Somewhere in the crowds of a big city
At all of my shows, I got em all singing loud with me
And every night I see fireflies, no Owl City
Feet don't ever touch the ground, I'm in cloud city
Looking back I guess I always had a little less
But I always had the biggest heart in this lil chest
My auntie told me I would make it, just a little guess
Now little is just an understatement, I'm one of the best
I'm one of the million, look what I achieved
I'll be the statistics, I simply believe
'Cause I remember back when people never tried to hear me in my school
Now they like, that kid went to my high school

[Hook: Sean McGee & Machine Gun Kelly]
If you ever thought that you won't make it
Soon as it get hard, you just can't take it
No matter what you going through, keep waiting
'Cause you gon make it
You gon make it
And this is for everyone with a dream
For single mothers working, you're a queen
And this is for the kids who never believe
Matter fact, I dedicate this to the street scene

[Verse 2: Machine Gun Kelly]
Hold up, let me put my cool back on
Wouldn't be here without my team, I put my crew back on
And I'm a rapper but I will not put the jewels back on
My fans love Kells, let me put the fool back on
No shirt, jumping all over the house all around running wild
Food hanging out my mouth looking like a child
Like I don't know my age
'Cause all I do is smile
And instead of turning new leaves I jump into the pile
That's why I kiss my daughter every chance I get
And thank her mother for stickin with me thru all this shit
Dead broke in the store trading cans for cents
Almost Famous tatted on me, so I can't forget
So I dedicate this to the mothers with the kids
To the fathers doing bids
To the teenagers who don't know what having a parent is
To the workers washing dishes, and the players on the benches with bigger ambitions
You can do it, listen...